Solutions for The Bad Angle Goal

Watching NHL goalies over the last few years, it's hard not to notice that the RVH has become the norm for sealing up the post in close positions. It's not surprising, as this position does have a ton of advantages over the way goalies played these shots in the past. Every post position has a … Continue reading Solutions for The Bad Angle Goal

3 of My Favourite Exercises for Goalies

Hey guys, I want to start off by saying again how excited I am to begin adding this aspect of what I do to my writing. As today's athletes get bigger, faster, and stronger, putting in work off of the ice is no longer to gain an edge above the competition, it's a necessary requirement … Continue reading 3 of My Favourite Exercises for Goalies

New Fitness Page

I’m so excited to share this new section of my website dedicated to the fitness side of my coaching. As passionate as I am about helping goalies on the ice develop their game, I’m equally as passionate about helping goalies and skaters develop the physical tools needed to have success on the ice. For the … Continue reading New Fitness Page