Yee-Haw! 2018 NetWork Goaltending Symposium LIVE from Nashville!


Hey Y’all!

Ok so maybe “LIVE” is a bit of a stretch. I just got home from the long drive back, and I’m fired up!

The 2018 NetWork Goaltending Symposium just wrapped up, and this year was better than ever. These 3 days of classroom and on ice presentations are something I really look forward to now, ever since my first time attending last year in Madison, Wisconsin. This year was in Nashville, Tennessee, and the change in venue really added a spark of excitement to the atmosphere. Nashville is absolutely a hockey town now, bolstered by the recent success of the Predators. We were fortunate to be there while minor hockey tryouts were happening, and it was apparent that the state of hockey at the grassroots level in Nashville is very exciting.

The presentations are always fantastic. Having the opportunity to hear from coaches working at the highest level of the game is always a treat. Beyond that, having the chance to connect with them on a human level and form meaningful personal and professional relationships is priceless.


Something new this year was the addition of on ice presentations. It provided a nice break from the classroom environment and allowed us to see some of the concepts we were being taught in action.

I’ll get into some of the individual concepts I learned in later posts so I’m able to do them justice individually.

Ultimately, this weekend always challenges me to revaluate the way I coach. It pushes me to get even better for you guys, my goalies, and make sure I’m taking every opportunity to push you guys to your full potential, and have fun in the process.

I can’t wait to hit the ice again now that I’m back home and put some of these new skills to use!

I’ll be putting my summer schedule out shortly to help you guys stay sharp over the summer months and set the foundation to have the best season of your career!

Yours in Goaltending,


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