RVH Dead Angle Post Integration

Hey Guys,

Just a quick one today. I wanted to share with you a simple drill I did at last week’s goalie camp.

Most of the shots a goalie sees in his regular practice are from the slot or the wing. The usual practice drill spots.

The purpose of this drill was to help the goalie develop a game plan for low percentage shots at a severe angle. The goal was to create a strategy to feel confident in not only making the save, but also controlling the potential rebound.

Often in this scenario the initial shot isn’t the most dangerous thing, but rather the rebound created by the odd angle.

I encourage goalies to try whatever post integration technique they feel comfortable with, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

This goalie in particular is bantam age, and recently went through a significant growth spurt. He doesn’t quite have the hip mobility to go toe box on post or blade on post and still create a good seal on the post, so he chooses to go shin on post. We go over, at length, what openings that strategy leaves and how best to deal with them.

The drill is super simple, but the benefits of knowing what to do with these types of shots are crucial.


PS. If you’ve never taken the time to develop your own plan to deal with all the crazy scenarios you’ll see in a game, let me know using the contact form and we can figure out a plan that’s going to work best for your game.

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