Drill: RVH to Blocking Save

Hey guys,

I wanted to do a quick write up on a drill I uploaded to the YouTube channel the other day.

Working with a college goalie on quick plays around the net, the goal was to get a smooth transition from his goalie stance into his RVH, and back out into a blocking save, squaring up to the puck as best he can.

I could say this about every drill, but head and eyes, hands and stick move together to get the goalie into their new position.

One of my favourite things about how Dylan executes this drill is how little wasted movement there is. He knows he doesn’t need a giant load up to push that distance. He’s also not kicking the net off it’s pegs trying to push out, and yet he comes out far enough to fill the box with his body and make the saves.

I’m a big fan of simple drills like this. When the drill isn’t too complicated, the goalie can really focus on the execution, which leads to the most improvement.

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